“You ...see us ...and you think you know us, but our outward guise is more deceptive than our history.”Carlos Bulosan

We're on a mission to spread healing by telling the beautiful, real, & raw stories that come from the AANHPI experience, starting with this year’s APAHM.

#APAHM2022 #storytellingishealingproject

Our Mission

The Storytelling is Healing Project is an open-source collection of stories by Asian and Pacific Islander American storytellers to uplift AANHPI voices and showcase the diversity of AANHPI experiences for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

⭐ We (AANHPIs) are not a monolith.

⭐ We recognize the potent power in owning, sharing, & giving voice to our stories.

⭐ We believe story telling can be healing.

⭐ We hope to heal the wounds of the past so we can celebrate the joy of the present.

All of us have a story and each one of them is just as important as the ones that make it onto the big screen or the bookshelf.

We created the Storytelling is Healing Project to center all of our stories.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and helping us write the next chapter.

~ Carissa, Ivy, & Tiffany